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1 may., 2016
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5 Nov., 2016
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3 Dec., 2016
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7 Dec., 2016
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8 Dec., 2016
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Concerns about protection of natural resources increased with global energy crisis, such as the oil crisis in 1972. In 1980, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) published the World Conservation Strategy which pointed world's sustainable development as a priority. Two years later, the United Nations codified the World Charter for Nature with emphasize on five principles of protection that human effect on it. In 1987, the World Commission on Environment and Development (Brudtland Commission) published "Our Common Future". This document includes the most frequently quoted definition of sustainability: “"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. In 1992, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development published the Earth Charter which accented sustainable and peaceful world on 20th century. Millennium Declaration, among the United Nations charters, expresses economic, social and environmental protection growth as principles and agreements of sustainable development. In fact, the UN Sustainable Development issue emphasizes on both land and human development (such as education and living standard). Recent studies divide social dimension of sustainability into politics and culture and through four dimensions: environmental, economic, political and cultural approach sustainable development.

Necessity of persistent consideration and particular attention to sustainable development issues cause to hold 6th International Conference at the end of 2016 by permanent secretariat office of the International Conference on Sustainable Development & Urban Construction. Five years' background of holding national and international conferences on sustainable development and urban construction as well as effect on compatriot's attitude and carry out more scientific issues cause to hold the conference accompany with unveiling the Sustainable Development brand in Iran and Middle East in the sixth year.

After five successful consecutive conferences on sustainable development and urban construction, the organizers went on to register the Sustainable Development brand. The sign is seen in below contain all research educational activities (in-person, virtual, etc.) such as training courses, papers, magazines and books publication, holding seminars, paper review and cooperation in research educational projects in sustainable development field.

Hereby all professors, researchers, scholars, researchers, professionals, experts, engineers and students are invited cordially to submit their recent scientific achievements to the conference secretariat office. SDUC hopes to take steps towards achieve sustainable construction and friendly livable environment with greater scholar's participation in humanities, social, economic, natural, environmental, technical and engineering sciences (electrical, mechanical, surveying, urbanism and construction) and also art branches (architecture and conservation, landscape architecture, urban design and urban planning).
Conference Sponsors
  • Rouds and Urban Development Ministry-Isfahan Province
    Iran National Science Foundation
    Science and Technology Vice-Presidency
    Isfahan Municipality
  • Islamic City Council of Tehran
    Islamic City Council of Isfahan
    Iranian National Commission for UNESCO
    University of Tehran
  • University of Art
    Shahid Beheshti University
    Iran University of Science and Technology
    Esfahan univesity of Technology
  • Islamic Azad university
    Esfahan University of Arts
    college of Environment
    Yazd University
  • Islamic World Science Citation center
  • German Academic Exchange Service
    Zenderood Research Institute
    Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway operation co
  • Tehran Construction Engineering Organization
    Bridge Engineering Association of Iran
    Iran Fluid Power Association
    Journal of Urban Sustainable Development
  • Conference Index
    News scientific events in Iran
    sientific index service
    Art Architecture Center area of Islamic Propaganda Organization
  • Construction Engineering Organization of Isfahan province
    Journal of Studies on Iranian-Islamic City
    Journal of Environmental Health and Sustainable Development(JEHSD)
    Bonyad Hamayesh
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